Peter Grabowski

Embedding AI in the Enterprise: Google's Footprint

This session will outline how Google’s Corporate Engineering team is using AI and machine learning to spur innovation within Google. Additionally, Peter will identify the work that his team does (the structure, example use cases, and mappings of business problems to ML solutions), and the research that’s driving the work his team does and the democratization of AI (work in ML Fairness, Privacy, Interpretability and AutoML technologies).

Key Takeaways: Pipeline for effective, open-source comment clustering Investigation using open source data set Discussion of how it might flit into your workflow

Peter Grabowski is a longtime Googler and former Nest employee. He's currently the manager of the Enterprise Machine Learning team in Austin. Previously, he managed a data engineering team at Nest and helped build the Assistant for Kids team at Google. Outside of Google, he teaches machine learning as part of UC Berkeley's Master's in Data Science, and is a managing partner of PXN Residential, LLC.

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