Suju Rajan

Empowering the Global Workforce: Using AI to Connect Talent with Opportunity

Creating economic opportunity on a global scale entails a complex interplay of tasks for different groups of users: the millions of companies searching for candidates and billions of workers looking for ways to further their careers create a complex marketplace between job seekers and hirers that needs to be optimized. The search, recommendation, and standardization problems in hiring also come with a unique, domain-specific set of considerations to maintain high levels of trust in the robustness of this ecosystem. In this talk, Suju Rajan, Sr. Director of Enterprise AI at LinkedIn, will discuss recent changes in how LinkedIn utilizes supervised deep learning, natural language processing, and other techniques to connect job seekers and hirers, helping both groups find the perfect match.

Matching seekers to job opportunities involves deep understanding of members career journeys and available job postings. Pre-trained NLP models that are then fine-tuned on specific optimization tasks is a good recipe Investing in ML monitoring and automation technologies continue to have significant ROI

Suju Rajan is a Senior Director at LinkedIn, where she leads the Standardization and Enterprise AI team at LinkedIn, reporting directly to Chief Data Officer Igor Perisic. Her team joins together all of the work done in Enterprise and Standardization AI at LinkedIn. Her team's work powers the hiring, marketing, and insights products that the company's customers rely on every single day. The speed and accuracy with which LinkedIn provides enterprise solutions (for learning, hiring, sales, etc.) relies heavily on well-constructed taxonomies of all of its Economic Graph data. By combining the Standardization team into Enterprise AI, her team tightens the feedback loop between the company's members/customers and their solutions, to improve our data and recommendations.

Suju is also passionate about research. She and her team are exploring many innovative projects at LinkedIn in areas like applied deep learning, interesting problems in marketplace optimization, and large scale AI productivity.

Finally, she is personally passionate about the ability of AI to make society more equitable and improve people's lives. As a woman in the male-dominated tech industry (and the even more male-dominated field of AI), she is an advocate for women in the field of AI and is interested in showing ways that AI can be used to mitigate social biases, rather than amplifying them.

Previously, she worked as the head of AI at Criteo and began her career as a researcher at Yahoo! Labs.

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