Braden Hancock

The Future of Data-Centric AI

As AI technology has matured from the laboratory to large-scale, real-world deployments, it has become increasingly clear that AI development must be data-centric to succeed. But what does it mean to be data-centric and how does this affect the way your organization builds, deploys, and evaluates AI models? In this talk, we review the must-have properties that make data-centric AI practicable and scalable. These criteria are shared in the context of results from AI-forward organizations that have made this transition in recent years with Snorkel Flow, the data-centric AI development platform powered by a programmatic approach.

Braden is a co-founder and Head of Technology at Snorkel AI. Before Snorkel, Braden researched and developed new interfaces to machine learning systems in academia (Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, BYU) and industry (Facebook, Google).

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