Miles Lynam-Smith

Launching AI in Enterprise: Success Factors

Deutsche Telekom launched their virtual digital assistant, with a NLU engine / dialogue system in March 2017. Their problem was a well known one, no one currently enjoys speaking to a telco as the experience is repetitive long and often inaccurate. This meant that the experience is viewed as a cost and therefore a customer service cost, not as an important customer interaction and a key marketing tool. The approach was simple, replace the repetitive everyday boring requests using cognitive AI. However, there were numerous concerns from the company about AI (i.e. losing jobs to machines, lack of customer satisfaction, etc). Secondly there was also concern regarding solution providers vs start ups. Choosing the right partner can be hard, as there is a lot of ‘science fiction’ when is comes to theory and the practice is very different, the need for Proof of Values is clear and vital. The next steps will be towards bringing AI from an innovation on the periphery of the company to an innovation in the centre – automation of processes will totally change the way we work.

Miles is an international marketer focused on customers, and making their lives easier. He’s currently the AI Chief Programme Owner, democratizing Artificial Intelligence at T-Mobile HQ in Germany. Miles’ career started at M&C Saatchi and then at TBWA/London working across brands including Mars, Nivea, Tiger Beer and before moving to Australia. In Sydney, Miles switched from advertising to head up the marketing department of a mobile marketing agency, before working at Vodafone Hutchison Australia, responsible for 3/VF merger strategy. He moved to Berlin in 2011 for a new challenge, and having completed an MBA at ESCP, started at Deutsche Telekom in 2013.

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