Kai Wang

Solving Edge Cases: The Path to Accelerating AI in AV’s

Kai Wang, Director of Prediction at Zoox, walks through why solving edge cases is critical to the success of artificial intelligence. Kai will discuss the process of mining AV vehicle data and identifying edge cases in uncommon AV driving situations, including how AV’s use computer vision to better identify uncommonly presented pedestrians. Looking to the future, he will also explore what is needed to better address edge cases at scale moving forward.

Kai Wang is the Director of Prediction at Zoox. At Zoox, the Prediction team is responsible for modeling the future behavior of all dynamic agents (vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.) around our vehicle so that we can navigate through the world in a safe and efficient manner. Kai has been with Zoox since 2016 and prior to that was a Software Engineer at Google working on Computer Vision. Kai received his PhD from UC San Diego and BS from the University of Washington, both in Computer Science.

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