Muslim Elkotob

Assessing Real-World ML Performance

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning gaining ground and playing an increasingly important role in industry verticals use cases and Beyond 5G scenarios, we take a closer look in this presentation at AI and ML from that perspective. To enable any stakeholder in the digital ecosystem to better interact with AI and ML modules and systems, we present our ETSI Generic Autonomic Network Architecture (GANA) with multi-layer autonomics. Then we touch upon behavioral modelling and workflow shaping for a set of use cases and business scenarios using GANA and AI+ML. Use-cases and scenarios we will cover in more depth include: Telco Data Space with Data Sharing and Trusted AI, Marketplace-based Models with AI-based Testing and Certification, and Knowledge-Plane driven cognitive networking for MEC.

Profound experience in designing, negotiating and evaluating KPIs, CSFs, SLAs; strategic roadmap and product design/ development; project acquisition, tenders, market analysis & business development, strategic positioning & benchmarking, Telco/IT solutions architectural design & pilot realization, business case development and realization incl. CAPEX&OPEX optimization

Additionally Distinguished for: - International background (incl. full command of 7 languages, successful lead/completion of large multi-national projects), intercultural competence, and very strong communication/presentation skills - Community/consortium building and stakeholder management capabilities & having a powerful network of trusted partners and contacts throughout the IT/Telco ecosystem - High level of technical expertise in IT/Telco industry processes and systems and in solving complex problems

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