Stefan Wellsandt

Augmenting Data Analytics in Manufacturing with a Digital Assistant: Insights from the COALA project

The shortage of skilled workers is a barrier to applying data analytics. Augmented analytics is an approach to lower it by using machine learning to automate related activities and natural language applications to assist less-skilled employees. This talk will present a related case study from the white goods industry. It focuses on a quality test lab at the end of a production line where workers use a digital assistant prototype to interact with descriptive and predictive data analytics

Stefan works as a research associate at the institute for production and logistics in Bremen (BIBA), Germany. His background is in industrial and mechanical engineering. Over the last ten years, he acquired expertise in information management and computer science, while working in various international and inter-disciplinary research projects. Stefan currently coordinates the Horizon 2020 research project COALA. Its goal is to build and test trustworthy, voice-enabled digital assistants for manufacturing

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