Denis Jimenez

Denis is all about people!

He is not only an advanced analytics senior leader with 17+ years of operational and leadership experience but also holds a Master of Engineering in computer science and a postgraduate degree in education which shapes his unique approach when defining and delivering business data transformation strategies.

His obsession with data and analytics started really early in his career working in Al and ML in collaboration with the UM University (Spain). He started his career in Daemon Quest, a European Strategic Marketing consultancy, delivering pioneer advanced analytics solutions: predictive customer behaviour solutions, geo-marketing campaigns…

He is currently the Group GM- BI & Analytics at EVT Group: Leading the BI & Analytics transformation. Former Group Head of Bl & Analytics at Swisse Wellness and the H&H Group: Led Swisse data transformation to become a data-driven organisation (From Excel to The Lake). During his 8 years in Swisse and H&H Group Denis create driven-culture and drove adoption, this played a fundamental role in the global expansion and success of Swisse.

He believes true leadership and a positive work culture are paramount for the success of business and especially to deliver successful data transformation strategies, AI/ML and analytics solutions: “it less about technology and more about people”

His favourite quote: "The price of light is less than the cost of darkness." A.C. Nielsen

His favourite book: "Who moved my cheese" by Spencer Johnson

His favourite chart: not the pie chart!

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