Walter Crismareanu

General-Purpose AI: A Digital Bio-Brain with an Artificial Nervous System

Companies use the term AI, even if in fact they use statistical methods to create large databases. AI means Artificial Intelligence, but until today, there is no definition of what intelligence even is, biological or other. We urgently need to reassess the logic of biological functions in the brain, in order to translate them into corresponding technological products. If human intelligence can be digitally reproduced, then intelligence should be portable in both ways, from human to AI and back. First understand the basic principles, afterwards develop a corresponding theory about biological intelligence, at the end create a new technology, from inception to production, overcoming many obstacles.

3 Key Takeaways from this session:

• A general-purpose AI with an embedded Self-Learning mechanism

• Real-time operating system written in VHDL

• ANS - Artificial Nervous System

Walter Crismareanu is an IT expert with 40 years of international experience in Europe, Asia and the USA. He worked as senior developer, development manager, technical project leader, trainer, designer and IT architect. He also wrote several papers and books about the new IT technology regarding machine-based logic. He is the founder and CEO of Tipalo GmbH, the Swiss company which develops the new technology. He speaks 5 languages and his main hobbies are ancient civilizations, philosophy and psychology.

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