Rachel Alexander

Interpretable AI and XAI for Life Sciences

In the highly-regulated life sciences industry, using interpretable methods and XAI not only facilitates assessing compliance but also facilitates devising the best possible action from the model's prediction. Omina Technologies combined an interpretable method with XAI to 1, identify which health care practitioners are most likely to switch and why? We combine an interpretable method GA2M with SHapley Additive exPlanations. And 2, optimize sales and marketing to prevent brand switching and increase the sales of the branded drug. Partial dependence plots provide insight into the marginal effect of adding an extra sales call on sales.

3 Key Takeaways:

•Interpretability and XAI to enable taking the right actions based on the model predictions

•Tutorial on how to combine interpretable method with XAI to facilitate business validation of AI solution and identify the best brand-switching prevention strategy for an international pharmaceutical company

• Best practices on using interpretable methods and XAI in life sciences

Roundtable Discussion: When to Use Interpretable AI and When to use Explainable AI?

The session aims to cover:

  • How to decide the most appropriate interpretable method(s) for a given business context and stakeholder?

  • How to decide the most appropriate type of explanation (global/local, contrastive, attribution-based/feature importance, counterfactual, etc.) for a given business context and stakeholder?

Rachel Alexander is CEO and founder of Omina Technologies, an AI company dedicated to ethical AI solutions, and recently won the award for ‘Artificial Intelligence Person of the Year’ in Belgium. Rachel is responsible for the technological vision and strategy of Omina Technologies. During her physics studies at Indiana University she became fascinated by the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Rachel has lived and worked in Belgium for the past twenty years devoting herself to helping companies navigate new technological advances and incorporating them seamlessly into their strategy. Before founding Omina Technologies Rachel worked as Global IT Director at Studio100 and in the management of CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation).

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