Tristan Ferne

The Many Ways to Explain AI

How and why can we explain how AI and machine learning work? AI is a complex and often invisible technology, yet increasingly influential on peoples' lives, society and the world. Better explanations and understanding of AI should be beneficial to many, but also brings many challenges. I'll explore why we might want to explain AI to consumers, why it's hard to do, and look at the different places where we could intervene to help increase understanding of AI.

Tristan is an Executive Producer at BBC Research & Development where he tries to invent the future of media and technology. Starting with a degree in Cybernetics in the 1990s and working on neural networks before they were cool (and indeed, before they worked very well), he became an engineer, developer, producer and product manager at the BBC where he has helped develop influential prototypes and concepts. He thinks great things come from a creative combination of technology and design.

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