Mark Weber

Teacher, Tool, and Sidekick: Designing AI Software Applications in High Compliance Domains

Modern machine learning methods have shown experimental promise for forensic activities such as relational anomaly detection in anti-money laundering (AML). Yet model performance is only one factor. High compliance domains require substantive attention to interpretability and explainability, where the former supports the task itself (e.g. investigation) and the latter enables the translation of insight into action (e.g. enforcement). In this talk, Mark Weber of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab will share a new user-oriented framework for the front-end development of machine learning tools that serve such domains. The Teacher, Tool, and Sidekick (TTS) framework is as follows: (1) first, an application must teach the user how the model itself works; (2) next, the application must help the user examine the world; (3) finally, the model must provide actionable explanatory power enabling the user to engage the world. To illustrate, Mark will present a prototype instance of a new application for anti-money laundering investigations.

Mark Weber is an applied research scientist and strategy & operations lead at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, an academic-industry partnership for advanced AI research. He also leads the lab’s business program with member companies, working to connect dots across disciplines to bridge fundamental research to real-world impact. Mark’s current works include graph deep learning for anti-money laundering and b_verify, a blockchain-based protocol for verifiable records in agricultural finance, pollution monitoring, and other use-cases. Prior to IBM Research, Mark was a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and a fellow at the MIT Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship while he earned his MBA in finance from MIT Sloan. Classically trained in Notre Dame's intensive "great books" program, Mark spent the first chapters of his career focused on political economy and development. He produced three documentary films on these subjects, most notably the critically acclaimed film Poverty, Inc. Mark's recreational joys include ultramarathon trail running, reading, and experiencing new cultures.

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