Jingwan (Cynthia) Lu

Jingwan is a senior research scientist at Adobe Research. She is leading a team of research scientists and engineers to disrupt digital imaging and design paradigms at Adobe with big data and generative AI. Her current research interests include generative image modeling (GANs, etc.), computational photography, digital human and data-driven artistic content creation. She has over 20 issued patents and over 30 publications in top graphics, vision and machine learning conferences. Some of them attracted lots of public attentions for example, Scribbler, VoCo, StyLit, FaceStyle, Playful Palette. Jingwan is passionate about making real-world impacts with her research. She and her team members are the main algorithm contributors to smart portrait, skin smoothing, makeup transfer, colorization and neural stylization neural filters in the most recent Photoshop release in 2020. In particular, Smart portrait and makeup transfer are GAN-based technologies. Jingwan served as program committee members for Siggraph, Siggraph Asia and Eurographics.

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