Christophe Aubry

Hybrid AI Approach to Knowledge Discovery

Global biomedical content represents critical data for healthcare organizations, which cannot be easily handled by business applications because it is unstructured and varies across different data sources. With speed and accuracy necessities in the medical field, organizations must find a way to overcome this barrier to understanding language. A hybrid approach to AI, combining the strengths of both natural language understanding and machine learning, provides an ideal solution that mimics the human-like comprehension of biomedical content such as clinical trials, real-world data, medical reports, literature, and social media. This capability can help to accelerate drug discovery and development, innovate faster and increase access to healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Hybrid AI can accurately transform clinical trials data, real world data and scientific literature into knowledge and insight.

  • How Hybrid AI can overcome the need of exhaustive training data sets required for pure machine learning based approach

  • How Hybrid AI can be explainable by design and overcome the black box phenomenon associated with machine learning

Christophe Aubry leads business activities in specialized markets for, the leading provider of AI-based Natural Language Understanding solutions. As a strategic technology leader focused on delivering solutions that solve customer pain points, Christophe has dedicated the last 20 years of his career to creating business value for clients worldwide. He helped his company establish its presence in North America, earning and consolidating the trust of major clients in Media, Publishing, Life Sciences, or Government sectors. Christophe started his career as a Product Manager at IBM in the early stages of data and text mining. As a co-founder and Vice President Professional Services at TEMIS for more than 10 years, he molded talents to help them reach their highest potential while supervising customer deployments in all geographies and leading strategic service activities. His favorite quote is “A company’s employees are its greatest assets and your people are your product”. Christophe has a deep understanding and passion for A.I. technologies. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

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