David Shaprio

Sensemaking for Life Sciences in the Age of Big Data

The sources of information necessary for healthcare and life sciences professionals to deliver value continue to expand and grow deeper. At the same time, the insights needed grow ever more precise. How will life sciences professionals find the information they need? One of the key challenges is identifying the right healthcare professional or key opinion leader for a given topic, therapeutic area or indication. Ultimately, healthcare is about connections between people, so how do we find the right people? Through the thoughtful application of AI tools in combination with human subject matter experts, we can unlock the hidden knowledge in big data and make the human connections that lead to innovation and improved health and patient outcomes.

Dave Shapiro is the VP of Product at H1, a start-up focused on creating a healthier future by delivering a platform that connects stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. Dave has spent his career building software products as both an engineer and product manager. Dave graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Computer Science. He has built enterprise applications to power financial institutions and architected search solutions for media companies. His focus on big data driven products started in fintech and market data and he honed his user experience focus at one of the leading food delivery platforms. Most recently Dave has led product at startups making an impact in healthcare through the use of data to drive better outcomes for stakeholders throughout the system.

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