Laura Kemppainen

The Patient-Centric Approach to Implementing AI in Healthcare

In this presentation, you will hear what are some of the opportunities of AI in improving the quality of life of patients and creating value for the network. This presentation will inspire you to think beyond the technology, deep dive into the question WHY, and start thinking about how to implement AI in healthcare with a patient- and human-centric approach. Like with any new innovations, as a foundation, collaboration, trust and privacy are the key.

3 Key Takeaways:

*Understanding the stakeholder and patient need should be the foundation of digital innovations and leveraging AI

*Collaboration and co-creation in the network is crucial in order to unleash the value of AI

*It is not about the technology, it is about the impact, trust and privacy

Laura is the Digital Innovation lead at Roche, her passion is to create digital innovations and business models that transform healthcare. She is also finalising a PhD with a topic: Future individual-centric and data-driven platforms in digital health. Her other research topics include AI in healthcare and platform business models.

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