Mathieu Galtier

How Federated Learning Puts Patient Privacy First in Healthcare

Accessing the volume and diversity of data required for robust and precise machine learning is currently one of the biggest limiting factors to the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Health data is private, sensitive, often confidential, and can only be processed in compliance with strict institutional, national and federal regulations. This presentation explores how federated learning technology can be used to overcome this challenge and allow developers to access healthcare data for use in machine learning algorithms with full regulatory compliance. Owkin brings this new learning paradigm to all healthcare stakeholders, unlocking the potential for safer, better and more effective medical research with its federated learning platform Owkin Connect.

3 Key Takeaways:

*Federated Learning is a new learning paradigm that will help artificial intelligence reach its full potential and, ultimately, make the transition from research to clinical practice. It is a powerful solution for the future of digital health.

*Owkin Connect is a federated learning platform that unlocks AI, breaks data silos, and protects data privacy across healthcare applications. Its distributed architecture and federated learning capabilities allow data scientists to securely connect to decentralised, multi-party datasets and train AI models without having to pool data

*Adoption of federated learning across hospitals and pharma companies is expected to lead to models trained on datasets of unprecedented size and diversity and as such have a catalytic impact on precision medicine.

Mathieu is the Chief Product Officer at Owkin where he leads the design of Owkin product: a collaboration platform between medical researchers and data scientists powered by federated learning. Mathieu graduated from ENS and Mines ParisTech and completed his PhD in Machine Learning applied to Neuroscience at Oxford and Inria. He started his career at Dreem, a neurotech startup, where he directed research and algorithms and led the Morpheo project. He is devoted to deploying AI in a responsible way. He now leads Owkin’s Product team.

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