New York University’s Center for Urban Science & Progress (NYU CUSP) uses large-scale datasets and analytics to address fundamental challenges of cities, and how engineers, scientists, urban planners, entrepreneurs, and social scientists from a variety of academic disciplines can make a difference in society through an extraordinary career in urban informatics. NYU CUSP is a unique public-private research center that uses NYC as its laboratory and classroom to help cities around the world become more productive, livable, equitable, and resilient. NYU CUSP observes, analyzes, and models cities to optimize outcomes, prototype new solutions, formalize new tools and processes, and develop new expertise/experts. These activities will make CUSP the world’s leading authority in the emerging field of “Urban Informatics.” Urban informatics uses big data to understand how cities work. This knowledge can lead to new technologies, new policies, and a host of other advances that make cities more efficient, more sustainable, more competitive, and most importantly, a better place for its citizens to live and work in. Be part of this effort by learning more about our educational programs at

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