Emile Nijssen

Talking to your Home

We've all dreamed of owning a Star Trek computer at least once. While this is still science fiction, there is already a lot possible with current technologies. Homey combines various technologies to free you of devices at home. Currently we drown in all our remote controls. Even our smartphones get crowded with apps for your lights, music, locks... With Homey, you just tell your house what you want to do. In the talk, the user interaction will be demoed, and the philosophy behind the (interface) design choices will be discussed.

Emile Nijssen is product manager and co-founder at Athom, the Dutch company that built Homey. Homey is a device (which has been successfully funded on Kickstarter) that you can listen to you, and allows you to control your home, yet also provides intelligence. It features 8 wireless radio's, to be sure that it supports every smart device out there. Software made with love, but also out of frustration, enables you to connect everything together, thus making an 'home of smart things'.

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