Francesco Pessolano

Follow Me, Not My Phone!

If our house could know the position of every person present, it could properly adapt itself to the person’s need. Turn off lights when in bed. Send alarms when a person has fallen. Contact the police when an intrusion happens. Reduce the temperature in empty rooms. Wake us up at night if one of ours kids has stood up or is sleep walking. This and more is what indoor positing can do. But to be able to do this, it needs to track a person. Not a phone. Not a tag. Not a watch. In this presentation we share how we at Xetal generate this data and allow use anonymously to make IoT relevant at home.

Francesco makes Xetal tick. He looks after marketing, HR, design, application software and new product definition. Before co-founding Xetal Francesco worked in low-power electronics, vision systems and innovation management at Philips Research, NXP Semiconductors, Altran and IMEC. He has an MBA from RSM Erasmus University and a PhD in Computer Science from London South Bank University.

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