Furhaan Khan

Furhaan Khan is responsible for Corporate Development at Verne and is involved with all aspects of business operations, strategy and funding. Before joining Verne Global, Furhaan was part of the team at Lepe Partners, an investment and advisory business, focused on technology and digital media companies.

Prior to Lepe Partners, Furhaan worked in Investment Banking at Citigroup where he focused on Telecoms, Media and Technology and advised on a wide range of M&A transactions and capital-raising activities. Furhaan began his career at KPMG in Transactions and Restructuring. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a BSc. From University College London.

Natural Selection and the Internet of Things

Taking a slightly different look at the Internet of Things, Furhaan will examine how the development and structure of the IoT is more closely linked to evolutionary natural selection than we might have all thought, and how the appropriate location of processing power is becoming critical to the ongoing growth and scalability of the wider network. With the unprecedented amounts of data being created by an estimated 50 billion devices by 2020 the IoT will require enormous amounts of processing power, which will place great strain on the already struggling power grids of the UK and Europe. To protect against this, some forward thinking companies are already looking at alternative locations to base their data processing and storage needs, utilising the natural attributes of certain regions of the world to their advantage.

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