Jean Luc Errant

Jean-Luc is an entrepreneur specializing in the information and communication technologies applied to the field of health and prevention. Developing a particular interest in the issues surrounding the miniaturization of monitoring means early on, Jean-Luc embarked on a mission to establish a French smart fabric industry able to meet the needs of professional and amateur athletes as well as the needs of other sectors. “When you leave your home, you always have 3 things on you: keys, smartphone, clothes. You can forget your keys and sometimes your smartphone. Sometimes you’ll forget both but you never go out without clothes on.”

Jean-Luc Errant's career started at France Telecom as an R&D project manager. He then became Marketing Director at Bayer and Associate Director in Uni-Medicine, a company later bought by Atos group. Today he is an entrepreneur and digital technology expert, in particular in health and preventive health issues. Because of this double background, he is passionate about miniaturizing the tools we use to track and follow health variables. In 2010 he created Cityzen Sciences, the first French start-up specialized in smart textile. This led him to build an ambitious R&D consortium whose members are Payen, Eolane, Bretagne Telecom and Cyclelab.

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