Joshua Bower-Saul

The real key to success in the future IOT Ecosystem both as a development environment and as a business case is uniquely centered on collaboration and partnership. This is not merely a technology shift---it affects devices, infrastructure, network priorities, and in the end, human lives may hang in the balance, not just ad revenues. Beyond the operators and the providers, the actual lives of the user will be changed in ways that mobile did not impact until only very recently. How does the "Uber of Everything" change our economy, our privacy, our home?

The work being carried out now to bring top tier systems and device manufacturers like Telcos, Electronics manufacturers, network infrastructure companies and city managers together on this topic is supported by Jabil Circuit, in creating a new IOT and Wearables Hub in San Jose. Along with this commitment, the Jabil Emerging Technology and growth team, with advisors such as Joshua, are reaching out to young companies to create models of collaboration that will bring together the hardware, people and applications that will make the highspedd roll out of IOT businesses possible.

Joshua Bower-Saul is a graduate of Harvard (MA) and INSEAD (MBA). He has led 9 startup teams and raised funding for a dozen others. He brings value to corporate innovation, growth companies and start-ups through 20 years experience in new tech and digital. He launched Europe’s first streaming service and first crowd-funded production business.

In emerging wearables and IOT markets, Joshua has 15 years experience in RFID, medical devices, onboard sensors, wearables and city systems.

Joshua, has mentored and advised Europe’s largest Accelerator (StartupBootcamp) and at the Berkeley’s SkyDeck. He is Jabil’s senior venture advisor in Europe.

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