Miloš Milisavljević

We develop smart green urban devices to improve people’s everyday lives in cities. Our smart city platform Strawberry Tree is a solar urban device which provides 16 built in cables for free mobile phone charging, WiFi, local information, environmental sensing and a place to hang out in a city. It is a connected outdoor device and social hub in public places in a city, where people gather and socialize. We bring IoT to outdoor public spaces people visit daily, to improve urban living by making cities better and more convenient for people.

Miloš Milisavljević is the founder and CEO of Strawberry energy company, the authors of the first in the world public solar charging stations for mobile devices called Strawberry Trees. He started to engage himself into renewable energy sources and entrepreneurship while being still in the middle Electrotechnical school in Serbia, when he established a student company and became Serbian champion of youth entrepreneurship. Later, after enrolling Electrotechnical faculty in Belgrade, at the age of 22 he establishes completely bootstrapped startup Strawberry energy, which now employees 8 young enthusiasts. So far, they have installed Strawberry Trees in 9 cities and had more than 351.000 users.

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