Paul Clarke

When viewed far out at sea, a tsunami can be mistaken for a ripple. However once they hit land, not only do they rise up and engulf everything before them but unlike a normal wave, they keep on coming.

Two massive technology tsunamis are heading our way – the Internet of Things and Smart Machines. Their collision with each other and us, is going to generate huge new opportunities in areas as diverse as healthcare, entertainment, disaster management, smart appliances, smart homes and smart cities.

This presentation will focus on these opportunities and what Ocado is already doing within its highly smart, highly automated, highly sensed environments.

The water is already going out...

Paul Clarke is Director of Technology at Ocado, the world's largest online-only grocery retailer.

After joining Ocado in 2006, Paul initially worked on warehouse control systems and then joined the team designing Ocado’s next highly automated fulfilment centre. After establishing new teams for Simulation and Mobile development, Paul then co-wrote the first of Ocado’s award winning mobile apps which remain the only apps from a major retailer supporting full offline shopping. In his current role, Paul heads up Ocado Techology, whose 550+ software engineers and other IT specialists are responsible for building all the software and IT infrastructure that powers Ocado, and now Morrisons’ online grocery business too.

In what little spare time he has alongside his work and family, Paul loves to invent and build stuff, design PCBs, write software and generally tinker.

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