Sarah Campbell

Senselab is disrupting traditional place-making by introducing processes and technologies from digital design to address the need for more sustainable buildings. We calculate that changing human behaviour is as important as construction materials in delivering real impact on day-to-day emissions, waste and energy consumption e.g. taking the stairs or sharing resources.

The building itself is the interface to facilitate change, but only if designed to be engaging and rewarding for people. For this case-study we combine user-centred design and data-analytics to nudge occupants into more sustainable behaviours. By aggregating data from multiple sources including C02 sequestration, environmental sensor and satellites to deliver measurable impact.

With neoteric concepts for elevators that tweet, intelligent cars and responsive buildings, Sarah designs award-winning products for that enhance interaction between people, things and the environment. She founded SenseLab to accommodate a recent demand for digital interventions into reshaping city spaces and buildings. Outcomes engage user-centred thinking, emerging technology and smart materials to bridge digital and physical spaces.

Motivated by genuine need, inspired by technical possibility and guided by sustainability principles, Sarah's diverse business experience includes a medical start-up in Paris and as interim director of the UK government’s Future Cities innovation centre. Previously, as Design Director at IDEO, she led major design programmes for airline, mobile and financial services. She has since been fortunate to work directly with Foster+Partners, Mercedes-Benz and Barclays. Sarah is a guest speaker at the University of Cambridge and the Royal College of Art.

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