Tamara Giltsoff

Intelligent Products & a Circular Economy

We believe products able to pass data about themselves has the potential to extend product lifetime, reduce material waste and offer access to products as a service. Connected, intelligent products challenge the ‘make, sell and dispose’ business model, which depends on features warfare, one-off physical sales and designed obsolescence. Intelligent products instead allow a continuous and intimate connection to a customer via the product and the potential for on-going service revenues. Product parts can be replaced or upgraded and updates pushed remotely. The product can be controlled remotely and made available as a pay-per-use model or with a financing plan. Case studies, including Product Health’s work in the off-grid solar and battery sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, will be used to illustrate the concept.

Tamara is the VP Business Development at Product Health. She has 16 years experience as a strategy consultant and an entrepreneur with a focus on sustainable innovation, impact ventures and digital tech. She has worked with corporations, such as P&G, Nokia and Teléphonica, and start-ups such as Trillion Fund, OZOlab and recently Product Health, to unlock new market opportunity, new business models and new product development. Tamara was named one of “35 Outstanding Businesswomen Under the Age of 35” by World Business Magazine and INSEAD. She is on the board of New Economics Foundation Consulting and an advisor on P&G’s Sustainable Business Council.

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