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Time icon 09:10
Peter Hirst, MBE

Peter Hirst, MBE - Executive Director of Executive Education - MIT Sloan School of Management

Talent Needs & Challenges of the IoT?

Time icon 09:30
Siva Muthukumarasamy

Siva Muthukumarasamy - Director of Engineering - Peel

A Smart Remote

Time icon 09:50
Blade Kotelly

Blade Kotelly - VP Design - Jibo

Jibo and the Smart Robot

Time icon 10:10


Time icon 10:30
Jonathan Steel

Jonathan Steel - CEO - Change London

The AirSensa air quality network - a real-world example of the IoT

Time icon 10:50
Kevin Menice

Kevin Menice - VP Engineering - Bigbelly

Spotlight on Connected Core Services in Smart Cities

Time icon 11:10
Newsha Ghaeli

Newsha Ghaeli - Research Fellow - Senseable City Laboratory, MIT

Connected Ecologies

Time icon 11:30


Time icon 11:50
Milek Smyk

Milek Smyk - CTO - BLStream

Fireside Chat: Users at the Centre of IoT

Time icon 12:10
David Albert

David Albert - Founder - AliveCor

The Importance of Big Data and Machine Learning for Empowering Cardiac Patients

Time icon 12:30
Dulcie Madden

Dulcie Madden - Co-Founder & CEO - Rest Devices

A Smart Baby Monitor

Time icon 12:50
Rahul Bhattacharyya

Rahul Bhattacharyya - Research Scientist - MIT

Low-cost, Pervasive Sensing Leveraging Existing Wireless Infrastructure

Time icon 13:10


Time icon 13:30

Conversation & Drinks on the Terrace

Time icon 13:50
Scott Sundvor

Scott Sundvor - Co-Founder - 6SensorLabs

Incorporating Chemistry in a Connected Device

Time icon 14:10
Abe Gong

Abe Gong - CEO & Co-Founder - Metta

Actionable IoT

The Smart Connected City

Design and User Experience

Health & IoT

The Industrial Internet & IoT Infrastructure

Time icon 15:50
Rebecca Kramer

Rebecca Kramer - Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Purdue University

Next-Generation Soft and Wearable Robots

IoT Opportunities, Challenges and the Smart Home

Time icon 16:30
Yuri Ivanov

Yuri Ivanov - Innovation Scientist - Rethink Robotics

Fireside Chat: The Convergence of IoT and Robotics

Time icon 16:50
Sean Lorenz

Sean Lorenz - Founder & CEO - Senter

The ABCs of Building a Connected Business

Katie Rae

Katie Rae - Founder & Managing Director - Project 11 Ventures

Fireside Chat Moderator

Time icon 17:30
Nigel Jacob

Nigel Jacob - Co-founder, New Urban Mechanics - City of Boston

Building Human Values into the Internet of Things

Nidhi Subbaraman

Nidhi Subbaraman - Senior Writer - BetaBoston & The Boston Globe


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Time icon 09:30
Ashley Simmons

Ashley Simmons - Director of Innovation Development - Florida Hospital

Fireside Chat: IoT Innovation in Florida Hospital

Time icon 09:50
Juhan Sonin

Juhan Sonin - Director - Involution Studios

From Bathroom to Healthroom: How Magical Technology will Revolutionize Human Health

Time icon 10:10


Time icon 10:30
Sonny Vu

Sonny Vu - Founder - Misfit Wearables

Wearables: Moving Beyond Sensing

Time icon 10:50

PANEL SESSION: IOT Common Standards & Security

John Ansbach

John Ansbach - General Counsel - General Datatech


Ray Potter

Ray Potter - CEO & Co-Founder - SafeLogic


Time icon 11:50


Time icon 12:10
Erich Jacobs

Erich Jacobs - CEO - ONKÖL

The Internet of Things is Wasted on the Young

Scott Kirsner

Scott Kirsner - Writer - Boston Globe


Time icon 12:50
Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper - Sr Mgr, Research & Testing - VF Corp Global Innovation Center

Bringing it to the Masses: The Key to Wearable Tech and IoT Success

Dipul Patel

Dipul Patel - CEO & Co-Founder - Ecovent


Startup Stage: Shaping Tomorrow

Time icon 13:50
Jessica O. Matthews

Jessica O. Matthews - Co-Founder & CEO - Uncharted Play

Get M.O.R.E.: How Motion-Based, Off-Grid Renewable Energy Will Power the IoT

Time icon 14:10
Sandra Richter

Sandra Richter - CEO & Co-Founder - Soofa

Cities & the IoT

The Connected Car

Time icon 14:50

PANEL SESSION: Investing in IoT

IoT and Advanced Healthcare

IoT Standards

Sean Lorenz

Sean Lorenz - Founder & CEO - Senter



Lee Hower

Lee Hower - Co-Founder and Partner - NextView Ventures


Ben Einstein

Ben Einstein - Managing Director - Bolt


Nanette Byrnes

Nanette Byrnes - Senior Editor, Business Reports - MIT Technology Review


Time icon 17:30
Bryan Mistele

Bryan Mistele - President & CEO - INRIX

Data Driven: Connecting Cars for Smarter Cities

Katie Rae

Katie Rae - Founder & Managing Director - Project 11 Ventures


Time icon 18:10
Alexei Erchak

Alexei Erchak - CEO - BeON Home

Thoughtful Home Protection for Everyone

Time icon 18:30
Collie Brown

Collie Brown - CEO - Arghon

Artificial Intelligence: Leading the Quiet Revolution

Joanne Domeniconi

Joanne Domeniconi - Co-Founder - The Grommet


Time icon 19:10
Ari Silkey

Ari Silkey - CTO - Zubie

Connected Car Technology & Applications

*Please note the agenda is subject to change

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