Ben Cooper

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Bringing it to the Masses: The Key to Wearable Tech and IoT Success

By 2020, some estimate there will be over 50 billion connected devices in world. In a commoditized market with no universal standards, the winners and losers will be determined by several key factors. Relying solely on “out featuring” the competition will not be a sustainable strategy. For a connected device, technology or platform in the IoT space to become ubiquitous, they’ll have to incorporate the principles of behavioral neuroscience and have great design. The winners will solve a true consumer need, elicit the “turn-around” affect, and keep it simple!

Ben Cooper is Senior Manager of Research & Testing for VF Corporation’s Global Innovation Center (GIC), and helps lead their efforts in wearable technology. Prior to joining the GIC, Ben was co-founder and CEO of Sensible Baby. Sensible Baby was one of the first wearable technology solutions in baby monitoring. They gained national and international acclaim for their innovation in the wearable tech space. Ben received a BS in biomedical physics from Northeastern University and a MS in biomechanics from Boise State University. He currently lives in Somerville, MA with his wife and son.

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