Jessica O. Matthews

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Get M.O.R.E.: How Motion-Based, Off-Grid Renewable Energy Will Power the IoT

Whether it's wearables or stand-alone products, our society is rapidly approaching a reality where everything is smart and connected, providing data that will help us know ourselves and improve the world. Unfortunately, one of the major obstacles holding back the ubiquity of an Internet of Things world is battery life. Smart, internet-connected products require power to work, and consistently halting usage to charge these devices is not natural or realistic. During this talk, Jessica will go over her initial experience developing products with M.O.R.E. inside, and how her company is now looking to the IoT's power frontier.

At the age of 19, Jessica invented the SOCCKET ball, an energy generating soccer ball that provides off-grid power for the developing world. At the age of 22, she founded Uncharted Play, renewable energy company specializing in motion-based, miniaturized power systems. Expanding her reach to global infrastructural projects, at the age of 26, Jessica became a Co-Founder and Executive Director for KDDC, a 30 megawatt hydropower dam in Nigeria—one of the first to be privatized in the country.

Jessica has a degree in Psychology and Economics from Harvard University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Her list of accolades include the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2014, Black Enterprise’s Innovator of the Year in 2013, Scientist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation (2012), and one of the “10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs” by Fortune (2011).

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