Kevin Menice

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Spotlight on Connected Core Services in Smart Cities

As global Smart Cities flourish, Bigbelly transforms one of the least efficient core services – public waste collection. Selection as the top smart city application drives growing momentum and desire to use our data-driven technology to shape the cities of tomorrow. Presentation will explore ways in which this connected street furniture expands beyond waste collection. Think of each waste and recycling unit as a self-contained power plant to which applications and appliances that measure foot traffic, air quality, etc. Its connectivity can be expanded to offer free public Wi-Fi. Think urban development, public safety, and broad communication.

Vice President of Engineering at Bigbelly, Kevin is responsible for the engineering initiatives at Bigbelly and further developing the software-based technology solution. Kevin has over thirty years of senior engineering management experience leading the development of mobile technologies, speech recognition platforms, and web-based applications for the consumer and enterprise markets. Before joining Bigbelly, Kevin led the core and embedded engineering initiatives at OpenMobile, a company focused on Android compatibility. Prior to that, Kevin lead the Nuance development team on the creation of a back-end transcription service and previously led the implementation of Orange Communication’s speech strategy, successfully deploying many speech services into Orange’s international networks. Kevin received his BS degree in electrical engineering with distinction from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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