An evening, with Concirrus, discussing wireless sensors, networked computing, wearables, open hardware & the latest innovation in IoT.



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Fhoss clothing uses electroluminescent technology with a power cell to provide 15 hours of continued light. “The products make it much easier to see how many people are working on a road or down a mine,” he said. “The tower at Gatwick Airport can now see workers on the runway", said CEO Andrew Kimitri.

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Fitness trackers such as FuelBand, Jawbone, and Fitbit have led the way in familiarising consumers with wearable technology. Watchie, a device created with Concirrus, is designed to help alzheimer sufferers, it allows a wearer’s whereabouts to be located reliably, both indoors and outdoors, helping careers and comforting families.

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Why Attend


About the Meetup

We're entering an era of unprecedented connectivity where millions of devices are now being connected to the global Internet. The implications of connected transport, homes, infrastructure and medical devices will have a huge impact on our lives and economy. We'll hear from innovators discussing their thoughts on opportunities and challenges in the IoT.


Topics we'll be covering

  • Wearable Technology
  • Sensors
  • Data Science
  • Smart Cities
  • The Connected Home
  • Security & Privacy
  • Open Hardware

What you will learn

  • Discover the latest innovation in sensors & wireless devices
  • Meet new collaborators & partners
  • Understand how networked computing will impact your business
  • Learn from experts in IoT, M2M and wearables
  • Showcase & demo your products
  • View a video from a previous workshop here.


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This event is co-hosted by Concirrus. Get in contact here if you'd like to showcase your startup at the event.

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