Alexander Weidauer

Why Chat Bots Disappoint & How to Build Better Ones

Despite the hype, chat bots are still very early stage and will have to prove that they can add significant value to the user. With natural language as input, chat bots hold the promise of being the simplest interface to software. The problem is that current technology just doesn’t deliver on that promise. Instead, users need to learn (similarly to a GUI) what commands the bot understands to get value out of it. We need further advancements in machine learning and dialogue systems to build truly conversational bots.

Alex is co-founder and CEO of LastMile, a Berlin-based AI startup. LastMile develops technology that enables people to interact with databases via natural language as opposed to query languages such as SQL. Their technology is a core component of advanced chat bots and has applications in other platforms like Siri, Amazon Echo, and VR. The company was part of last year’s Techstars programme and also organises the Bots Berlin meetup. Alex studied Computer Science and Management at TU Berlin and LSE. Before founding LastMile, he worked for Project A Ventures and McKinsey.

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