Kilian Koepsell

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Increasing Quality, Value and Access to Medical Imaging

How can we bring the life-saving benefits of medical imaging to more people? At Bay Labs we are pursuing this mission by combining deep learning and ultrasound. Ultrasound, combined with deep learning, has the potential to transform medicine at the point-of-care. In this talk, I will present work by members of our group that showed this potential future may now be within reach. I will conclude with one of Bay Labs’ efforts to bring medical imaging, powered by our deep learning technology, to those most in need.

Kilian Koepsell is a theoretical neuroscientist and entrepreneur who seeks to advance our understanding of human perception and to generate positive impact by applying insights from neuroscience to pressing real-world problems. His work includes research of neural processing at various scales, ranging from single neurons in the early visual system to large scale neural network dynamics during cognitive tasks. Kilian is Co-Founder and CTO of Bay Labs, a company with the mission to increase quality, value and access to medical imaging with deep learning and ultrasound. He was an early member at IQ Engines (acquired by Yahoo! and now powering visual search at Flickr) and at FiveStars (Y-Combinator 2011, now operating nationally with 350 employees and $105M in funding). Kilian obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Hamburg University, and was researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, at King's College London, at the former Redwood Neuroscience Institute, and at UC Berkeley's Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience.


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