Kilian Koepsell

From Idea to Research to Implementation: Making a Real Difference

Kilian has spoken previously about Caption Health’s approach to address echocardiogram variability with AI. The company has since earned FDA breakthrough device designation and 510(k) clearance for its AI-guided ultrasound system, Caption AI, and announced its first customer, Northwestern Medicine. Not every company with an AI and healthcare idea can say the same. Kilian will illustrate what’s necessary to move beyond the theoretical and create useful technology for medical professionals, improving patient care. He will also discuss the medical settings that can benefit from A (and the challenges), and his take on how AI can democratize care.

Caption Health CTO and Co-Founder Kilian Koepsell leads the company’s efforts to use the latest in artificial intelligence and deep learning to bring the diagnostic power of ultrasound to more healthcare providers, democratizing access to healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Prior to co-founding Caption Health, he worked on developing computer vision algorithms matched to the human visual processing system at the Redwood Neuroscience Institute and UC Berkeley — research he brought to Caption Health’s ultrasound guidance software. He also co-founded White Matter Technologies and was a founding team member at IQ Engines, which was acquired by Yahoo! for its Flickr group. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Hamburg, as well as two master's degrees in mathematics and physics from the same university.

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