Tina Klüwer

Customer support teams are swamped with work while customers expect fast responses and team leaders expect the team to report insights quickly. parlamind’s Artificial Intelligence enables effective listening and faster reactions to customers on all written channels. Our technology analyses customer care communication, understands customer’s intentions, monitors and visualises contacting reasons, and sends out responses autonomously. The technology combines knowledge about language and human communication with unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms. In its core six similarity metrics based, e.g., on syntax and word embeddings, are used for case-based reasoning and clustering. The A.I. continuously learns automatically from unseen data as well as from interactions with humans and directly integrates the feedback into processing.

Dr. Tina Klüwer is CTO and co-founder of parlamind, a Berlin-based A.I. and NLP startup. Before founding parlamind in 2015 she worked as a researcher at the Language Technology department of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the Communication Science department of University of Bonn, and the Computer Science department of Freie Universität Berlin. She holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics from University of Saarland. Her research and work revolves around the question how we can build machines that engage in human-like conversation using natural language.

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