Mathias Bürki

Visual Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Driving in V-Charge and UP-Drive

In the first part of the presentation, an overview is given over the past and currently ongoing research projects V-Charge and UP-Drive respectively. While V-Charge aimed at automating valet parking services, UP-Drive’s vision is to bring fully autonomous driving into urban environment. The second part of the presentation focuses on the research on visual localization and mapping systems in the context of autonomous driving. Apart from the challenges imposed by changing weather and lighting conditions, also efficiency and scalability issues are discussed.

Born 1987 in Aarau, Switzerland, studied computer-science (BSc) from 2008-2011 and robotics (MSc) from 2011-2013, at ETH in Zurich. In 2012, spent six month as an intern in the autonomous driving department at Volkswagen corporate research in Wolfsburg, Germany. Since 2014 a doctoral student under Prof. Roland Siegwart at the Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich, with a research focus on visual localization and mapping systems for autonomous cars. Former member of the research staff of EU FP7 project V-Charge, and currently working in a similar position for the EU H2020 follow-up project UP-Drive.

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