Danfeng Li

User Behaviour Data Is a Gold Mine, and How We Dig It

User's online and on mobile data provide an unique perspective to understand customer's behavior. When the behavior is directly related to your business, it's easy to understand the impact if the data is correctly applied. However, in some cases, seemingly non-related behavior can also be found very useful through machine learning and data mining. In this talk I'll give two specific examples, namely internet fiance risk control and online advertising, to show how sophisticated models can find the underlying correlation between business goal and online and on mobile behavior.

Dr. Danfeng Li is currently a director in Alibaba group, and the Chief Data Officer of Umeng+, a company fully owned by Alibaba. Umeng+ provides analytic tools for web and app developers. It helps more than 1.45 million apps and 7 million websites monitor and management their data. Umeng+ also offers serives based on its online and on mobile data. Dr. Li leads the effort to apply data mining and machine learning technologies to help clients in retail, finance and other industries to understand and management their customers. Before he joined Alibaba, Dr. Li was a principal development lead in Microsoft. He also worked at Opera Solutions, Yahoo and Fico. Dr. Li received his Ph.D. degree from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and bachelor degree from Tsinghua University.

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