Martin Qiao

Banking operation automation with AI techniques

Many financial service companies are at their early stage to embrace Artificial Intelligence into their daily operation to improve efficiency and reduce human intervention. During this journey the most common struggle is to swing between build a home-brew solution versus buy a vendor solution. In my presentation I would like to share my experience in introducing Artificial Intelligence applications into banking operations, and trying to share my views on when to choose vendor products and how to assess them, and when to develop internal solutions and how to chain up open sources packages into a industrialized solution. Chatbot and sanction screening will be introduced as use cases in terms of NLP area, and signature verification solutions in terms of computer vision area.

Dr. Martin Qiao is currently working as the Lead Architect for Machine Learning Automation in HSBC. He is holding a PhD degree for Mathematics with research experience on various image-related processing. His working experience is mixed with Data Science for insurance marketing and luxury marketing, NLP and computer vision solution design for banking.

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