Matt O'Connor

Deep Reinforcement Learning For Strategic Customer Engagement

Chatbots are great for handing simple client inquiries and routine interactions, but more sophisticated customer engagement requires complex strategic decisions - how does a company convert a lead to a sale, reactivate a lapsing customer, or manage their brand in a PR crisis? This workshop will explore using Natural Language Processing on a real-world dataset of millions of customer interactions from companies such as Apply, Amazon, and Uber to assess the situation and understand the potential range of actions and responses, then use Deep Reinforcement Learning to automate a strategic focus at every step of customer engagement.

Matt is a former algorithmic trader, full stack developer, and PMI-ACP certified Agile leader with experience leading distributed teams and automating enterprise scale workflows. Dhruv & Matt are the co-founders of, Hong Kong’s trusted machine learning and AI development and deployment specialists, with clients including multinational corporates. From Agile development of custom algorithmic solutions, to deployment on cloud services, to integration with legacy databases and reporting systems, to custom employee training, Reboot builds AI solutions for business initiatives.

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