Vidal Fernández

Using Big Data & AI to Optimize Wind Farm Performance

Big Data & Streaming Analytics Platform help us to collect real time data from IoT sensors that capture wind data and store in our Data Lake. Conventionally, every wind turbine in a wind farm is operated to maximize its own power production without taking into account the interactions between the wind turbines in a wind farm. Because the wake interference, such greedy control strategy can significantly lower the power productions of the downstream and reduce the overall wind farm power production. Using AI methods, based on data collected, we built and deployed a set of AI algorithms to optimize the overall wind farm performance. Based on every wind turbine optimization and the interactions we optimized the overall wind farm performance.

Dr. Fernandez as Director of Big Data Analytics at CLP Holdings is developing the big data strategy with focus on innovation and emerging technologies. Dr. Fernandez is leading the intellectual process of researching and analyzing new technologies, processes and businesses, gathering and synthesizing information and formulating insightful findings and conclusions to deliver value. He is managing a talented team of data scientists to ensure we are deriving from data the right insights to improve business processes, being more efficient, identifying new business models and reshaping the existing ones. Dr. Fernandez has developed several BIG DATA & Analytics solutions as AaaS, based on cloud, for many blue chip companies in different industries: Banking, Insurance and financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Utilities and Oil & Gas,... Customer Insights, Smart Grid Analytics, Customer Experience, Predictive Asset Maintenance, Operational Efficiency and Risk Management, Fraud Detection, Anti Money Laundering, Price Optimization, and many other business challenges are some of the delivered solutions deployed.

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