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Organizations are developing intelligent systems to enhance human experiences anywhere, whether in the home, car or at work. Developers of these conversational interfaces to virtual assistants and other products require massive amounts of high-quality training data and actionable user experience feedback on a global scale to make their solutions more natural, accurate, relevant and intuitive.

This is a significant challenge that Lionbridge solves with linguistic and data operations that generate high-quality global data to train the systems. We combine that with global user experience testing, gathering feedback to continually improve on the human experience with these new intelligent systems.

Lionbridge provides the human component to complement and augment our customers’ AI efforts by providing scalable and complete global coverage. As customers move quickly to solve data problems, they can rely on Lionbridge to offload the program management and operational requirements to execute solutions. We align fully with our clients’ organizational structures, processes, and systems and have over a decade of exceptional performance working on the most sensitive client programs.


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