Robinson Piramuthu

Brand is Beyond Logos – Understanding Visual Brand

Logos come to mind when we think about iconic brands. However, a spectrum of visual cues is used to establish the signature of a brand. This includes color, pattern, shape. We train deep neural network to predict a variety of fashion brand and analyze visual representations using strength and extent of neuron activations. Logo is demonstrated to be at one end of the spectrum. Study of versatility of neurons shows that they are diverse in nature and contain specialists and generalists. Potential applications of making neural network explainable include personalization, elimination of bias in prediction, model improvement. This includes image quality, visual search, segmentation, pose estimation, iris/face recognition, coarse and fine grained prediction.

Robinson Piramuthu joined eBay in 2011 and is currently the Chief Scientist for Computer Vision. He has over 20 years of experience in computer vision which includes large scale visual search, coarse and fine-grained visual recognition, object detection, computer vision for fashion, 3D cues from 2D images, figure-ground segmentation and deep learning for vision, among others. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Michigan in 2000 specializing in information theory and statistical image processing. He also has a MS in control theory from the University of Florida, specializing in robust and nonlinear control systems.

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