Rahel Jhirad

Rahel Jhirad is the Director of Data Science at Hearst. She holds a MS in Mathematics from NYU and a PhD in Economics from Princeton. She has worked in finance for 20 some years as a quant, risk manager and trader. She has been working with machine learning algorithms at scale since 2010, building models and advising Fortune 100 companies.

She joined Hearst in 2015 and leads their data science team. She works with content, clickstream, ad, audience, off-platform data using numerous machine learning algorithms including Natural Language Processing, Topic Modelling, Recommender Systems, A/B Testing, Image and Object Recognition, and other Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools. She runs a popular meetup called Economics and Big Data whose goal it is to bring the researchers in computer science and machine learning and researchers social science closer together. She is a strong advocate of cross-disciplinary literacy.

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