Jyotsna Chatradhi

Harnessing AI and Machine Learning for Self-Driven IT Ops

The thought of a self-driven data center often conjures up visions from classic sci-fi flicks like War Games or Tron. The reality is self-driven IT ops is all about augmenting the operator, not replacing them. This session takes a behind the scenes look at how machine learning and operational intelligence are changing how data centers are managed. We’ll explore how your IT ops team can do more with less and increase efficiency by: Proactively detecting when something is going wrong sooner, Automatically correlating alert data from many sources to deliver more actionable insights & Automating corrective action based on learned behavior.

Jyotsna Chatradhi is a Principal Software Engineer at Broadcom and currently part of engineering team for the product mainframe operational intelligence. Previously she worked for companies like Whamtech, Thomson Reuters and Citrix. She has a deep expertise in full stack for more than 12 years with a focus on angular, big data analysis , distributed programming and machine learning. She volunteers for many organizations, including Grace Hopper Conference and Boys and Girls club of America on importance of STEM education. Jyotsna Chatradhi received Masters in computer science from IIITB. She has been recognized for her work and published 5 patents in area of supply chain and management. She also has been nominated as women in open source for year 2017. In her spare time she is a machine learning evangelist @ Broadcom and also a F45 enthusiast.Jyotsna tweets at @jyotsnac.

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