Sharath M

Improving Adobe Experience Cloud Services Dependability with Machine Learning

Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of best-in-class solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce. All integrated on a cloud platform for a single experience system of record. The Adobe Experience Cloud's SRE team works hand-in-hand with the Product and Engineering teams to build dependable services. In this workshop you will learn how the team leverage Adobe's artificial intelligence and machine learning engine to build predictive auto-scaling and self-healing services.

Sharath joined Adobe an year ago as computer scientist. His Journey with Machine Learning started around 18 months ago through coursera thanks to Professor Andrew Ng ‘s deep learning specialization. This is the first problem that he wanted to apply my learnings from a product perspective. Sharath has 6 years of combined experience in both Dev and devops profiles. In his Free time he watches Soccer and sometimes do leetcode.

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