Bastiane Huang

Robot 2.0: Deep Reinforcement Learning For Industrial Robotics

Machine learning has enabled a move away from manually programming robots to allowing machines to learn and adapt to changes in the environment. We will discuss how AI-enabled robots are currently used in warehouse automation and how we can use warehouse robotics as a crystal ball and an example for other industries such as manufacturing and food assembly. We will also describe recent progress in deep reinforcement learning, imitation learning, etc. and discuss the real world requirements and challenges of various industrial problems, pipelined versus end to end systems, and the technology Osaro has developed as it addresses the challenges in industrial robotics.

Bastiane Huang leads product strategy at Osaro, a San Francisco based company building Deep Reinforcement Learning software for industrial robots, backed by Peter Thiel and Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud. Bastiane has close to a decade of experience in the automation and manufacturing industries. Her experience in the field started in 2009 at e2v, a British space and industrial image sensor and machine vision camera manufacturer that is now part of Teledyne. She has broad experience in product marketing, business development, and operations at international technology companies across the industrial automation, IoT, AI, and robotics industries. She drove the formation and growth of a new AI software business at Advantech, the world’s biggest industrial computer manufacturer. The product offered video analytics solutions to improve traffic congestion and shopping experiences through people counting, and facial and heat map analysis. She was also an investor and advisor to early stage IoT and AI startups in the U.S. and Greater China, and previously worked as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Alexa. In addition, she is actively involved with Harvard’s ‘Managing the Future of Work’ initiative on AI and robotics, writing case studies and articles for Harvard Business Review and Robotics Business Review. Bastiane holds a B.S. in Information Management (2009) from National Taiwan University and an M.B.A in Technology and Entrepreneurship (2018) from Harvard Business School.

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