Benjamin Kott

The Science of Interstellar and How It Can Be Applied to Run Buildings Better

Benjamin's presentation takes us on a journey through the buildings universe, starting with a comparison of where we are in the digital world today compared to typical buildings (hint: buildings are way behind the curve). However the future is bright as buildings are being digitized at an amazing pace. And by applying cutting edge data science approaches we can glean surprising insights into how buildings operate and can be made more efficient. The presentation highlights a number of case studies and demonstrates hands-on the benefits from combining operational monitoring of assets with advanced analytics to ultimately enhance asset value and occupant wellbeing.

Benjamin Kott is the founder and CEO of EnergyDeck, an innovative web-based platform that helps organisations save energy, resources and costs. The driving idea behind EnergyDeck is to leverage the collective intelligence of users in order to provide relevant consumption benchmarks and help identify suitable savings measures. Previously, Benjamin was Google's Green Business Operations Manager and Clean Energy Advocacy Manager for Europe. In these roles, he was responsible for a broad range of initiatives ranging from building efficiency programmes to major external campaigns like Google's Copenhagen Project, as well as Google's first investment in renewable energy generation outside of the U.S.

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