Peter Davies

Verv: Our journey to becoming machine learning specialists in the energy sector

How we began our journey: We began as an energy monitoring company, with a focus on advanced signal processing. Where we are now: How our technology has progressed using AI and machine learning and what that progression has enabled us to do (real-time costs, condition monitoring, safety alerts etc). Where we’re heading: Our development of a Blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading system using our advanced AI that will allow optimised electricity prices and improved access to low carbon electricity. Conclusion: Overview of how machine learning has enabled us to develop our home energy assistant and how we have been able to combine ML with other technologies such as Blockchain to deliver innovative solutions.

Peter Davies is the founder of Green Running, an energy disaggregation company started in 2007 which has since picked up over £1m of funding from Centrica, owners of British Gas for their latest domestic consumer product and have worked on large analytics projects with Scottish Power Networks and Scottish and Southern Energy Networks. Peter is a serial entrepreneur having founded Austin Consultants, the UKs highest certified LabVIEW Consultancy Company specialising in automated test, measure and control systems across a number of industries. Peter is an engineer by background having worked on projects ranging from Fusion reactors to Formulae One.

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