Jason Cornell

Informing, Delighting and Entertaining ALL Canadians through Machine Learning

The CBC's mandate is to Inform, Delight and Entertain all Canadians, which the CBC does not take lightly. As part of the fulfilment of this mandate, the CBC has embarked on the creation of a personalization team to ensure we're reaching all Canadians. At the core of this objective we're ensuring that we uphold the privacy of our audience, that we focus on Fairness, Accountability and Trust in machine learning, and that we ensure that our personalization approaches are accessible to everyone.

Jason Cornell is the Product Manager for the CBC Machine Intelligence team. His focus is the expansion of the CBC's machine intelligence practice through an altruistic approach, ensuring the CBC's mandate is being met. He's spent the last 15 years in the start up world, most recently as VP of Engineering at a start up that built an advertising platform for the entertainment industry.

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